Informational Circulars


Circular Number Description
Circular Number Description
IC-2021-46 New Market Maker Quote Purge Gateway
IC-2021-45 Mandatory Weekend Virtual Trading Floor Production Testing for BOX Trading Floor Participants
IC-2021-44 Monday and Wednesday Weekly Expirations for IWM Options
IC-2021-43 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-42 Changes to the Tags on Leg Instrument Execution Reports
IC-2021-41 Annual SIFMA BCP/Reg. SCI Test
IC-2021-40 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-39 September Fee Change
IC-2021-38 Change to Facilitation and Solicitation Auction Response Time
IC-2021-37 HSVF Test Environment Address Changes
IC-2021-36 Debit / Credit Check Clarification
IC-2021-35 New 1Gigabit Version of the High Speed Vendor Feed
IC-2021-34 Virtual Trading Floor
IC-2021-33 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-32 Options Regulatory Fee Announcement
IC-2021-31 Short Term Options Curtailment Program
IC-2021-30 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-29 Update to Trade Detail Files – Additional Field
IC-2021-28 Mandatory OwnerData in SAIL and ClOrdID (Tag 11) in FIX Protocols
IC-2021-27 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-26 Fee Change – June 2021
IC-2021-25 New Features for the ATR Feed
IC-2021-24 Update to Trade Detail Files
IC-2021-23 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-22 REMINDER: SOLA TCP Unicast High Speed Vendor Feed (“HSVF”) Decommission
IC-2021-21 New Features for FIX and SAIL Protocol
IC-2021-20 Monday and Wednesday Weekly Expirations For QQQ Options
IC-2021-19 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-18 Penny Program Class Removals
IC-2021-17 April Fee Change – QOO Rebate Cap
IC-2021-16 Cabinet Trading on the BOX Trading Floor
IC-2021-15 Production Firewall Upgrade – POSTPONED
IC-2021-14 HSVF Retransmission Functionality
IC-2021-13 DST Time Change
IC-2021-12 Self-Trade Prevention Clarification
IC-2021-11 Production Firewall Upgrade
IC-2021-10 Fee Change – April 2021
IC-2021-09 HSVF Message Modifications – NEW DATE
IC-2021-08 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-07 BOX System Maintenance
IC-2021-06 HSVF Message Modifications – POSTPONED
IC-2021-05 HSVF Message Modifications
IC-2021-04 BOX System Maintenance
IC-2021-03 Penny Program Additions
IC-2021-02 SOLA TCP Unicast High Speed Vendor Feed (“HSVF”) Decommission
IC-2021-01 SAIL Message Type Modification
IC-2020-36 Update – Penny Program Annual Rebalancing
IC-2020-35 Fee Change – January 2021
IC-2020-34 Penny Program Annual Rebalancing
IC-2020-33 Update to Trade Detail Files – NEW DATE
IC-2020-32 Update to Trade Detail Files
IC-2020-31 Penny Program Additions
IC-2020-30 Enhanced Price Protection – NBB/NBO Parameter Change
IC-2020-29 SAIL Order Entry Connectivity Modifications
IC-2020-28 Reminder: SOLA Protocol Version Decommissioning
IC-2020-27 UPDATE – HSVF Market Data Feed Changes
IC-2020-26 SAIL Order Entry Connectivity Modifications
IC-2020-25 HSVF Multicast Source Address Changes
IC-2020-24 Annual SIFMA BCP/Reg SCI Test – October 24, 2020
IC-2020-23 Price Protections for Complex Orders – DATE CHANGE
IC-2020-22 Price Protections for Complex Orders
IC-2020-21 Fee Change — August 2020
IC-2020-20 Changes to the HSVF
IC-2020-19 Fee Change — July 2020
IC-2020-18 Change to Technology Fee Billing Process
IC-2020-17 June 2020 Fee Changes
IC-2020-16 Facilitation Auto-Match Functionality
IC-2020-15 Trading Floor Reopening Fees
IC-2020-14 May Fee Change
IC-2020-13 Maximum Order and Quote Quantity Protection Value Change
IC-2020-12 SOLA Protocol Version Decommissioning
IC-2020-11 Default Global Counter Time Interval 
IC-2020-10 Update to New Symbol Distribution Structure
IC-2020-09 New Symbol Distribution Structure
IC-2020-08 UPDATE – Changes to Standard 3rd Friday Expiration Listings for Equity, ETP, and Index Options on BOX
IC-2020-07 Fee Changes Related to Trading Floor Closure
IC-2020-06 Coronavirus Update – Trading Floor Closure
IC-2020-05 BOX Business Continuity Planning
IC-2020-04 DST Time Change
IC-2020-03 Change to Technology Fee Billing Process
IC-2020-02 March Fee Change
IC-2020-01 UPDATE – Changes to Standard 3rd Friday Expiration Listings for Equity, ETP, and Index Options on BOX
IC-2019-25 December Fee Change
IC-2019-24 Split-Price Priority – Complex QOO Orders and Multi-Leg QOO Orders
IC-2019-23 Changes to Standard 3rd Friday Expiration Listings for Equity and ETP Options on BOX
IC-2019-22 Fall – DST Time Change
IC-2019-21 Update to Trade Detail Files
IC-2019-20 October Fee Change
IC-2019-19 Annual SIFMA BCP / Reg SCI Test – October 26, 2019
IC-2019-18 Complex Qualified Contingent Cross Orders – DATE CHANGE
IC-2019-17 Complex Qualified Contingent Cross Orders – POSTPONED
IC-2019-16 Complex Qualified Contingent Cross Orders
IC-2019-15 July Fee Change
IC-2019-14 Market Simulation for New Disaster Recovery Site
IC-2019-13 Update to Trade Detail Files
IC-2019-12 Self-Trade Prevention Modifiers – DATE CHANGE
IC-2019-11 SAIL Order Entry Connectivity Modifications – Date Change
IC-2019-10 SAIL Order Entry Connectivity Modifications
IC-2019-09 Cabinet Trading on the BOX Trading Floor
IC-2019-08 Self-Trade Prevention
IC-2019-07 May Fee Change
IC-2019-06 Complex Customer Cross Orders
IC-2019-05 Fee Disputes
IC-2019-04 Multi-leg QOO Orders on the BOX Trading Floor
IC-2019-03 DST Time Change
IC-2019-02 March Fee Change
IC-2019-01 February Fee Change
IC-2018-26 December Fee Change
IC-2018-25 Upcoming Enhancements to Complex Orders – REMINDER
IC-2018-24 Additional Expiration Months for SPY LEAPS
IC-2018-23 Fall – DST Time Change
IC-2018-22 October Fee Change
IC-2018-21 Upcoming Enhancements to Complex Orders
IC-2018-20 Underlying Symbol Change in the HSVF
IC-2018-19 September 1 Fee Change
IC-2018-18 Detail Transaction Files
IC-2018-17 Amendment to the Options Listing Procedures Plan
IC-2018-16 SIFMA Industry Wide BCP Test
IC-2018-15 July Technology Fee Changes
IC-2018-14 Individual Leg Prices for Complex QOO Orders
IC-2018-13 June 1 Fee Change
IC-2018-12A2 Amended; May 1 Fee Change
IC-2018-12A Amended; May 1 Fee Change
IC-2018-12 May 1 Fee Change
IC-2018-11 Directed Order Auction Only
IC-2018-10 April Fee Change
IC-2018-09 Split Price Transactions on the Trading Floor
IC-2018-08 DST Time Change
IC-2018-07 Monday SPY Expirations
IC-2018-06 Hardware Upgrade – ROLLBACK
IC-2018-05 Hardware Upgrade – COMPLETE
IC-2018-04 February Fee Change
IC-2018-03 Hardware Upgrade – POSTPONED
IC-2018-02 Hardware Upgrade – UPDATE
IC-2018-01 Floor Broker Guarantee
IC-2017-36 January Fee Change
IC-2017-35 Market Simulation following Hardware Upgrade NEW DATE
IC-2017-34 Market Simulation for Hardware Upgrade – POSTPONED
IC-2017-33 Drill Through Protection Change 2
IC-2017-32 New Changes to the BOX Trade Detail Files
IC-2017-31 DST Time Change
IC-2017-30 Market Simulation for Hardware Upgrade
IC-2017-29 November Billing Change
IC-2017-28 October 1 Fee Change
IC-2017-27 Decommission of the NY10 POP
IC-2017-26 September 1 Fee Change
IC-2017-25 Trading Floor Booth Fee
IC-2017-24 Trading Floor Fees
IC-2017-23 August Trading Floor Market Simulation
IC-2017-22 2017 SIFMA Industry Wide BCP Test
IC-2017-21 Trading Floor Market Simulation
IC-2017-20 QCC Fees
IC-2017-19 Drill Through Protection Change
IC-2017-18 Chicago POP – Participant Migration
IC-2017-17 Network Infrastructure Upgrades New VPN Policies
IC-2017-16 Extended cNBBO
IC-2017-15 QCC Orders
IC-2017-14 Customer Cross Orders – Implementation
IC-2017-13 New Chicago POP
IC-2017-12 Network Infrastructure Upgrades – FINAL
IC-2017-11 Customer Cross Orders
IC-2017-10 Network Infrastructure Upgrades
IC-2017-09 HSVF Market Data Feed Changes – REMINDER
IC-2017-08 Primary Improvement and BVR Fee Change
IC-2017-07 DST Time Change
IC-2017-06 Postponed – Trading Floor Market Simulation
IC-2017-05 Date Change – Trading Floor Market Simulation
IC-2017-04 Trading Floor Market Simulation
IC-2017-03A  Amended_PIP COPIP Permanent
IC-2017-03 PIP/COPIP Permanent
IC-2017-02 HSVF Market Data Feed Changes
IC-2017-01 New Symbol Distribution Structure
IC-2016-33 Complex Order Solicitation Mechanism
IC-2016-32 December Fee Change
IC-2016-31 Fee Change
IC-2016-30 Liquidity Only Quotes
IC-2016-29 DST Time Change
IC-2016-28 November Fee Change
IC-2016-27 New Qualified Open Outcry Order Type – Technical Info
IC-2016-26 BVR Fee Change
IC-2016-25 Network Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-2016-24 Fee Change – Participant Fees
IC-2016-23 Quality Market Maker Allocation – Release Date and Technical Info
IC-2016-22 September Fee Change
IC-2016-21 SIFMA Industry Wide BCP Test
IC-2016-20 Wednesday SPY Expirations
IC-2016-19 Complex Order Facilitation Mechanism
IC-2016-18 August Fee Change
IC-2016-17 Quality Market Maker Allocation
IC-2016-16 Fee Change – HSVF Fee
IC-2016-15 Activity Based Protections
IC-2016-14A Amended July Fee Change
IC-2016-14 July Fee Change
IC-2016-13 Fee Change – May 2016
IC-2016-12 Enhanced Price Protection – NBO_NBB Parameter Change
IC-2016-11 BVR Fee Change
IC-2016-10 BVR Contra Order Fee
IC-2016-09 Fee Change – April 2016
IC-2016-08 Professional Order Designation – Implementation 
IC-2016-07 Enhanced Price Protection – Reactivation and NBO_NBB Parameter Change
IC-2016-06 DST Time Change 
IC-2016-05 Price Protection at the Opening Rollout
IC-2016-04 Updated – Enhanced Price Protection
IC-2016-03 Price Protection at the Opening Rollout
IC-2016-02 BOX Pre-Trade Controls
IC-2016-01 Fee Change – February 2016
IC-2015-19 Fee Change – November 2015
IC-2015-18 Facilitation Auction Surrender Quantity 
IC-2015-17 DST Time Change
IC-2015-16 Fee Change – October 2015
IC-2015-15 Affiliate Aggregate Activity
IC-2015-14 2015 SIFMA Industry Wide BCP Test
IC-2015-13 New Complex Order Line on the HSVF UDP Multicast Feed
IC-2015-12 Fee Change – August 2015
IC-2015-11 Changes to the BOX Options Market LLC Maker Quoting Reports
IC-2015-10 Fee Change – July 2015
IC-2015-09 Implementation of the UDP Multicast Feed for the HSVF
IC-2015-08 Clearing Firm Access to Participant Designated Risk Settings
IC-2015-07 Fee Change – May 2015
IC-2015-06 BOX System Maintenance
IC-2015-05 New UDP HSVF Market Data Feed
IC-2015-04 DST Time Change
IC-2015-03 Preferenced Order Type Launch 
IC-2015-02 2015 Changes to Billing Invoices
IC-2015-01 Fee Change – February 2015
IC-2014-022 Options Regulatory Fee
IC-2014-021 December ADV Calculation
IC-2014-020 New Preferenced Order Type 
IC-2014-019 Fee Change – December 2014
IC-2014-018 November ADV Calculation 
IC-2014-017 DST Time Change
IC-2014-016 Fee Change – November 2014
IC-2014-015A Updated; Fee Change – October 2014
IC-2014-015 Fee Change – October 2014
IC-2014-014 2014 SIFMA Industry Wide BCP Test
IC-2014-013 Adding Counterpart Account Type to Trade Notices
IC-2014-012 New Trade Allocation Algorithms for PIP and COPIP
IC-2014-011 Change to OCC Daily Submission Deadlines Effective August 1, 2014
IC-2014-010 Jumbo SPY Trading Restrictions
IC-2014-009 HSVF Server Upgrade
IC-2014-008 July ADV Calculation
IC-2014-007 Connectivity to BOX SOLA® on Saturday, June 7
IC-2014-006 Public Customer Interest and System Time Stamp Message added to the HSVF
IC-2014-005 Market Maker Quotation Requirement Reduction
IC-2014-004 Fee Change – March 2014
IC-2014-003 Enhanced Market Protections
IC-2014-002 BOX-Top Order Decommissioning
IC-2014-001 COPIP Fees Effective January 6, 2014
IC-2013-033 Complex Order Price Improvement Launch
IC-2013-032 December ADV Calculation
IC-2013-031 November ADV Calculation
IC-2013-030 SOLA® Old Protocols Decommission – LAST REMINDER
IC-2013-029 Fee Change – November 2013
IC-2013-028 DST Time Change
IC-2013-027 Connectivity on Saturday, October 26
IC-2013-026 Market Maker Pre-Opening Spread Requirements
IC-2013-025 Market Simulation for Hardware Upgrade
IC-2013-024 Enhanced Complex Order Exposure Functionality Launch
IC-2013-023 Complex Order Exposure Functionality
IC-2013-022 2013 SIFMA Industry Wide BCP Test
IC-2013-021 Market Data Dissemination Issue
IC-2013-020 Jumbo SPY Option Fee Change
IC-2013-019 SOLA® Old Protocols Decommission – REMINDER
IC-2013-018 Complex Order Book Reminder
IC-2013-017 SOLA® Old Protocols Decommission
IC-2013-016 Complex Order Book Available on All Names
IC-2013-015A Jumbo SPY
IC-2013-015 Jumbo SPY Overview and Applicable Fees
IC-2013-014 Complex Order Book Launch – Additional Names Available
IC-2013-013 Complex Order Fees Effective May 3, 2013
IC-2013-012 Complex Order Book Launch
IC-2013-011  Complex Order Participant Market Simulation – REMINDER
IC-2013-010 Limit Up/Limit Down
IC-2013-009 Complex Order Participant Market Simulation
IC-2013-008A Mini Options
IC-2013-008 Mini Options Overview and Applicable Fees
IC-2013-007  Reduction of the Directed Order Exposure Period to One Second
IC-2013-006 DST Time Change
IC-2013-005 Unique Trade ID
IC-2013-004 March Fee Change
IC-2013-003 ORF Calculation Change
IC-2013-002 NY POP Switch Maintenance
IC-2013-001 Order Entry Price Protection
IC-2012-022 Fee Change – January 2013
IC-2012-021 Session Orders Routed Away
IC-2012-020 Elimination of Market Maker Quoting Obligations before Regular Market Hours
IC-2012-019 Billing Process Change – REVISED DATE
IC-2012-018 Change to PIP Sweep of BOX Book
IC-2012-017 Billing Process Change
IC-2012-016 BOX SOLA® System Availability
IC-2012-015 Routing Fee Change – November
IC-2012-014 2012 SIFMA Industry Wide BCP Test
IC-2012-013 Routing Fee Change – August
IC-2012-012 Complex Order Participant Testing Environment
IC-2012-011 Fee Change Effective July 1, 2012
IC-2012-010 Fee Change Effective June 1, 2012
IC-2012-009 New BOX SOLA System Restart Day
IC-2012-008a Participant Market Simulation Prior To System Upgrade – NEW DATE
IC-2012-008 Participant Market Simulation Prior To System Upgrade
IC-2012-007a EBS Code Change for New SRO – Additional Information
IC-2012-007 Electronic Blue Sheets (EBS) Code Change for New SRO
IC-2012-006 New BOX Participant Testing Environment – REMINDER
IC-2012-005 Routing Fee Change
IC-2012-004 Customer Cross Orders
IC-2012-003 Complex Order Participant Technical Implementation
IC-2012-002 Reduction in Price Improvement Period (PIP) Time to 100 Milliseconds
IC-2012-001 BOX Fee Schedule – February 1, 2012
IC-2011-013 New BOX Participant Testing Enviroment
IC-2011-012 NEW ATR Feed Supporting 4-digit Clearing Member Number
IC-2011-011 Participant Trade Prevention Feature
IC-2011-010 New Market Maker Protection Features
IC-2011-009 Delayed Implementation Date for Block Trade Auction Mechanisms
IC-2011-008 Amendments to the BOX Fee Schedule effective October 3, 2011
IC-2011-007 New Solicitation and Facilitation Auction Mechanisms for Block Trades
IC-2011-006 Amendments to the BOX Fee Schedule effective September 1, 2011
IC-2011-005 Amendments to the BOX Fee Schedule effective September 1, 2011
IC-2011-004 Revised Implementation Date for “Professional” customer account type
IC-2011-003 Amendment to BOX Trading Rules to add “Professional” Definition effective September 1, 2011
IC-2011-002 Amendments to the BOX Fee Schedule effective April 1, 2011
IC-2011-001 PIP Surrender Quantity
IC-2010-005 New Order Duration Type – Session Order
IC-2010-004 Amended BOX Fee Schedule for July 19, 2010
IC-2010-003 Operational Process and Resumption of Trading for a Trading Pause on the BOX Options Market LLC
IC-2010-002 Amended BOX Fee Schedule Options Regulatory Fee
IC-2010-001 Amended BOX Fee Schedule – Transaction-Based Options Regulatory Fee
IC-2009-008 Amended BOX Fee Schedule for January 2010
IC-2009-007 Supplemental BOX ID Billing
IC-2009-006 Amended BOX Fee Schedule
IC-2009-005 Amended BOX Fee Schedule
IC-2009-004 Amended BOX Fee Schedule – IML Outbound Trades
IC-2009-003 Amended BOX Fee Schedule
IC-2009-002 Amended BOX Fee Schedule
IC-2009-001 Penny Pilot Extension