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About Us

Since launch in 2003, BOX has revolutionized equity options trading, blending time-honored market structures with today's technological advancements. Jointly owned by TMX Group and leading broker/dealers, BOX offers an electronic and open outcry trading platform. Our market is known for its transparent, efficient, and user-friendly approach. The advanced trading engine, with an open API and FIX gateway, seamlessly integrates into traders' existing systems, ensuring optimal connectivity.
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Empowering transparent, simple, reliable trading through innovative market solutions.


Electronic order book

Price time priority with preference orders


·Price Improvement Period ·Facilitation ·Solicitation

Open Outcry

Physical trading floor

Complex Order Functionality

·Complex options ·Fully integrated order books ·Electronic auctions

Key Features

Our state-of-the-art trading engine is designed with an open Application Program Interface, enabling seamless interfacing of BOX Participants’ existing order routing and trading systems. Additionally, our FIX gateway protocol ensures a smooth, reliable connection to our trading engine. The BOX network extends robust connectivity, offering strategic connection points from New Jersey and New York, simplifying and enhancing the trading experience.

All orders are tradable
Multiple competing Market Makers
No seats to buy or lease

Latest Features

FLEX Equity Options

Pending regulatory approval, FLEX Equity Options will be available for trading on the BOX Trading Floor as FLEX Open Outcry (“FOO”) Orders. FLEX Equity Options are customizable products where the investor can configure the terms for the tradable contract while having the advantages of transparency and centralized clearing. The exercise style, contract size, expiration date, and strike price, within certain limits, can all be chosen by the investor according to individual preferences and trading strategies. Trades are cleared by the Options Clearing Corporation (“OCC”) significantly reducing counter-party risk. Additionally, the availability of cross-margining at OCC allows for greater capital efficiency.

Trading Floor

The BOX Trading Floor launched in August 2017 with a small group of brokers and market makers. The ongoing success of the BOX Trading Floor is a testament to the support of these firms and to BOX Options Market’s efforts to innovate and provide an alternative to the other long-established trading floors.

Our Team

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