BOX Business Development and BOX Participant Application

To speak with BOX regarding Business Development and BOX Participant Application, contact Patrick Zielinski at (617) 235-2272 or click here.

BOX Business Development

To speak with BOX regarding Business Development, contact Patty Kevin-Schuler at (312) 444-6337 or click here.

BOX Regulation

To contact BOX regarding regulatory issues, click here.

Project Schedule, Connectivity, Technical/Network Questions and Access to BOX Test Platform

To contact the BOX Market Operations Center, click here.  


Become a BOX Participant and experience the benefits of trading on BOX. Qualification and signing details are below.

Your firm must be a registered broker-dealer, registered with a Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) and connected with a clearing firm.


Required for All BOX Options Exchange LLC (“BOX”) Participants

All brokers/dealers seeking trading privileges with BOX must complete the following BOX Participant application documents:

Membership Services

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Fax:  + (617) 235-2253
Mail: 101 Arch St, Suite 610, Boston, MA 02110